Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Revolutionizing Startup Investments

Revolutionizing Startup Investments

At the forefront of financial innovation and entrepreneurship, Blockum DAO stands out as a beacon of progress and opportunity. Central to this revolutionary ecosystem is the FGOL token, a development tool that not only redefines the way investments are made in startups but also how decentralized communities can collaborate to boost global economic growth. In this post, we explore the central role of the FGOL token in the Blockum DAO, revealing how it serves as the backbone for a new paradigm of startup investments.


The Genesis of FGOL and the Blockum DAO – Revolutionizing Startup Investments

The Blockum DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, was born from the need to create an inclusive and democratic ecosystem where investors can actively participate in the nurturing of startups and promising business opportunities (PBOs). In strategic partnership with Gold Ofir, an innovator in the development of financial support tokens, Blockum DAO introduced the FGOL token – a mechanism that allows anyone, regardless of the size of their capital, to invest in emerging companies with high growth potential.

The Heart of the Ecosystem: FGOL Token

The FGOL token acts as a link between investors, startups, and the Blockum DAO community, promoting a dynamic and promising ecosystem. By investing in FGOL, participants have the unique opportunity to contribute to the development and success of innovative companies while benefiting from the economic growth generated by these initiatives.

Investment Mechanism and Profit Distribution

Investing in startups through the Blockum DAO and the FGOL token is a journey of active participation and potential mutual gain. The distribution and allocation of FGOL tokens are meticulously planned to ensure the sustainable development of the ecosystem. A significant portion of the tokens is reserved for the support of startups and PBOs, while another part is allocated for the ongoing maintenance and development of the Blockum DAO and Gold Ofir. This not only ensures the longevity of the platform but also aligns the interests of all parties involved.

Governance and Transparency

The governance of the Blockum DAO is notable for its democratic and transparent approach, where all members have the right to vote on the proposals presented. This process ensures that only the most promising investment opportunities are selected for support. Additionally, the use of smart contracts based on the OpenZeppelin library strengthens the security and reliability of transactions within the ecosystem, ensuring the implementation of ERC20 standards and secure, robust access control.

The Future of Startup Investments

By participating in the Blockum DAO and investing in FGOL, members are not just supporting innovative startups; they are contributing to a paradigmatic shift in how capital is allocated and managed. They are, in fact, investing in the future—a future where entrepreneurship is democratized, and the barriers to investment are significantly reduced.

Investing in the Blockum DAO

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By investing in the Blockum DAO, clients benefit in several ways, which are intrinsically linked to the unique ecosystem created by the synergy between the Blockum DAO and Gold Ofir, especially through the use of the FGOL token. These benefits are designed to create a sustainable and mutually beneficial investment cycle for investors, startups, and the community at large. Here are the key benefits for investors:

Profit Sharing

Investors in the Blockum DAO can benefit from the profits generated by the supported startups and PBOs, through a detailed and collaborative distribution model. When Gold Ofir exchanges its FGOL token for a stake in startups or PBOs, and these entities generate profit, a portion of this profit is converted into FGOL in the market and distributed through the Blockum DAO dashboard. For example, if Gold Ofir Token exchanges for 10% of a startup, and this distributes its profits, up to 45% of that exchanged value is then distributed among the members of the Blockum DAO community. This process ensures a direct and proportional participation of community members in the financial successes of the supported companies, strengthening the collaborative investment ecosystem and the market dynamics generated by the community and Gold Ofir.

Right to Vote and Participative Governance

By allocating FGOL tokens in the Blockum DAO, investors gain voting rights on important decisions within the community, including the selection of startups and PBOs to receive investment. This promotes transparent and democratic governance, allowing investors to have an active voice in directing the ecosystem.

Security and Reliability

The Blockum DAO uses smart contracts based on the OpenZeppelin library, ensuring the secure implementation of the ERC20 standards and robust access control. This minimizes the risks associated with transactions and interactions within the ecosystem, providing an additional layer of security for clients’ investments.

Access to Innovative Startups and PBOs

Through the Blockum DAO, investors have exclusive access to a carefully selected range of innovative startups and PBOs with high growth potential. The strategic partnership with Gold Ofir ensures that only the best opportunities are chosen for investment, paving the way for potentially high returns.

Benefit of HODL

Investors also benefit from “forced HODL” by allocating LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens in the Blockum pool. This encourages the long-term holding of assets, potentially increasing the value of the investment as the underlying assets (FGOL and WETH) appreciate in the market.

Participation in the Global Entrepreneurship Revolution

Investing in the Blockum DAO means more than just seeking financial returns; it is actively participating in a revolution in global entrepreneurship. Investors contribute to the development of an ecosystem that supports innovations and disruptive solutions, fostering economic growth and value creation on a global scale.

To invest in the Blockum DAO directly and in a well-explained manner, follow this step-by-step guide elaborated from the detailed information in the whitepaper. This simplified guide will facilitate the process, ensuring that you can actively participate in this innovative ecosystem.

Step-by-Step Guide to Investing in Blockum DAO

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Step 1: Convert Capital into Tokens

  • Convert your capital: The first step involves converting your capital into an equal proportion of Ethereum (WETH) and the Gold Ofir Foment Token (FGOL). This 50/50 split is essential for participating in the Blockum pool on the decentralized exchange platform, SushiSwap.

Step 2: Allocation in the Blockum Pool

  • Allocate ETH and FGOL in the Blockum Pool: After converting your capital, allocate these assets (WETH and FGOL) in the Blockum pool on SushiSwap. This process will provide liquidity to the pool, and in return, you will receive LP (Liquidity Provider) Tokens, representing your participation.

Step 3: Allocation of LP Tokens in Blockum DAO

  • Allocate LP Tokens in Blockum DAO: With the LP Tokens in hand, the next step is to allocate them in the smart contract of Blockum DAO. This procedure is crucial to becoming an active member of the Blockum DAO and requires that the LP Tokens be locked for a grace period, promoting the stability of the pool’s liquidity and encouraging long-term participation.

Benefits of Allocating LP Tokens in Blockum DAO

  • Right to Vote: By allocating your LP Tokens in Blockum DAO, you acquire the right to vote on community decisions, including the selection of startups and PBOs for investment.
  • Profit Sharing: A significant portion of the profits generated by the supported startups and PBOs is distributed among the LP Token holders, providing them with a source of passive income.
  • Community Participation: Allocating LP Tokens allows you to become an active member of the Blockum DAO community, contributing to discussions, decisions, and the future of the organization.
  • Benefit of HODL: By keeping your LP Tokens allocated, you benefit from the potential appreciation of FGOL and WETH assets, in addition to participating in the profits generated by the ecosystem.

After allocating your LP Tokens in the Blockum DAO, you become an integral part of an ecosystem that not only aims for economic growth through investing in innovative startups but also promotes participative and democratic governance. The Blockum DAO represents a unique opportunity to invest in the future, support global entrepreneurship, and contribute to a more inclusive and decentralized economy.

How to Revolutionize Startup Investments

The revolution in startup investments by Blockum DAO represents a new era in the way capital is injected into innovative new companies. Here is how this transformation is being realized:

Democratization of Capital Access

  • Open Access: By allowing anyone with WETH and FGOL to participate, Blockum DAO breaks down the traditional barriers of angel investment and venture capital. This democratizes access to capital for startups and PBOs, enabling more innovations to receive the necessary support to grow.
  • Collective Participation: With the allocation of LP tokens in Blockum DAO, investors become part of a community that collectively decides which startups deserve support. This model of collective decision-making ensures that only the most promising proposals are funded.

Fostering Sustainable Growth

  • Continuous Support: The structure of Blockum DAO and the use of the FGOL token facilitate the provision of continuous support to startups. This is not limited to initial capital but also includes access to a network of mentors, potential clients, and strategic partners within the Blockum DAO community.
  • Sustainable Investment Cycle: Profits generated by invested startups are partially redistributed to LP token holders, creating a sustainable cycle of reinvestment and aligned incentives.

Incentive for Innovation

  • Portfolio Diversification: Investors can support a wide range of innovative startups and PBOs, diversifying their portfolios and mitigating risks. This not only benefits investors but also ensures that a variety of innovative ideas receive funding.
  • Merit-Based Growth: Startups and PBOs that demonstrate real progress and achieve significant milestones have a greater chance of receiving ongoing support from the community, encouraging growth based on merit and performance.

Transparency and Security

  • Smart Contracts: The use of smart contracts ensures transparency and security in all transactions within the Blockum DAO ecosystem. This includes the allocation of funds, distribution of profits, and the exercise of voting rights.
  • Immutable Record: All transactions and decisions are recorded on the blockchain, providing an immutable and auditable history. This increases trust among investors and startups, knowing that all agreements are fulfilled as established.

The Central Role of the FGOL Token in the Blockum DAO

The FGOL token plays a fundamental role in the Blockum DAO, acting as a catalyst to transform the startup investment ecosystem. This role is multifaceted, spanning from facilitating investments to promoting a community-based and inclusive governance. Let’s delve into the central aspects of this key piece of the Blockum DAO ecosystem.

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Facilitating Investments

The FGOL is the means through which investors can directly participate in the funding of startups and Promising Business Opportunities (PBOs). By purchasing FGOL tokens, investors obtain a stake in the ecosystem, allowing them not only to financially support innovative projects but also to benefit from the success of these projects.

Community Governance

Owning the FGOL token in staking grants holders the right to vote on important decisions within the Blockum DAO, including, but not limited to, which startups will receive funding. This promotes a truly democratic and participatory governance environment, where all members have an active voice in directing the community’s resources.

Distribution and Allocation of Profits

A distinctive feature of the Blockum DAO is the way profits are distributed among FGOL token holders. A significant percentage of the profits generated by the supported startups and PBOs is redistributed to the community. This not only encourages continuous investment in the ecosystem but also ensures that all participants can share in the collective success.

Incentive to HODL

The Blockum DAO ecosystem encourages the practice of HODLing – holding investments long-term – through the allocation of LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens. By allocating these tokens in the Blockum, investors not only secure their participation in future profits but also benefit from the potential appreciation of FGOL and WETH tokens, thanks to market supply and demand dynamics.

Access to a Dynamic Ecosystem

Investing in FGOL grants token holders access to a dynamic and constantly evolving ecosystem. The collaboration between Blockum DAO and Gold Ofir ensures a continuous flow of innovative projects seeking funding, providing investors with a variety of opportunities to diversify their portfolios and maximize the potential return on investment.


The Blockum DAO, along with the FGOL token, represents the forefront of the startup investment ecosystem, establishing a new paradigm for the funding of emerging innovations. Central to this transformation is the FGOL token, which not only facilitates access to capital for promising startups but also empowers investors with participative governance and a fair distribution of profits. The model adopted by the Blockum DAO democratizes investment, allowing anyone, regardless of capital size, to participate in the global economic growth generated by innovative startups. Moreover, the encouraged practice of HODLing and the possibility to actively participate in community decisions ensure that all involved share in the ecosystem’s success. The Blockum DAO and the FGOL token are more than just an investment platform; they are the materialization of a future where entrepreneurship is accessible, inclusive, and rewarding for everyone.

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