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How Blockum DAO Works

Welcome to the revolution in collaborative investment. Blockum is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that transforms how startups and promising business opportunities (PBOs) receive financial and strategic support. Here’s a closer look at how our innovative platform operates:

Strategic Partnership

In collaboration with GoldOfir, we conduct meticulous analysis to identify and support the most promising projects. This partnership ensures rigorous scrutiny and selection of high-quality investment opportunities.

FGOL Token

The heart of our ecosystem is the FGOL, a fostering token that acts as a bridge between investors, startups, and the community. By investing in FGOL, you directly participate in the success and growth of the supported businesses.

Participatory Governance

Your voice matters at Blockum DAO. Each member has the power to influence important decisions, from choosing projects to be funded to strategic changes in the organization, ensuring a transparent and inclusive decision-making process.

Rewards and Growth

As the startups and PBOs we support thrive, so do you. A significant portion of the profits generated is distributed back to the investor community, allowing everyone to share in the collective success.

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Blockum DAO Team

Moacir Ferreira

President & Founding Member

Edson Severo

Vice President & Founding Member

Facundo Martin Arg├╝ello

Consultant and Expansion Manager

Daniel Lin

Senior Full Stack & Blockchain Dev

Ricardo Cantergi

Legal Department


Blockum DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization dedicated to revolutionizing how startups and promising business opportunities receive funding and support through a ecosystem-driven and blockchain-powered ecosystem.

Members propose projects directly on our platform. The ecosystem then reviews and votes on these proposals using our blockchain-powered system. Successful proposals receive funding and support from the Blockum DAO ecosystem.

The FGOL token is a fostering token that acts as a medium of exchange within the Blockum DAO ecosystem. It’s used for fostering, receiving rewards, and is a key element in connecting investors, startups, and the ecosystem.

You become a member by staking FGOL tokens and allocating your LPs (Liquidy Providers Tokens) in the Blockum DAO smartcontract and participating in the ecosystem. This involves voting on proposals, submitting projects, and interacting with other members.

Yes, any member of Blockum DAO can submit a proposal. However, the success of the proposal depends on the ecosystem review and vote.

Blockum DAO leverages blockchain technology for a transparent, secure and democratic process. It’s not just about financing; it is about support, advice and ecosystem involvement in a decentralized way, protecting all sides of the transaction, sharing risks and enhancing gains.

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