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How to Allocate in Blockum DAO?

How to Allocate in Blockum DAO?

Blockum DAO represents a new frontier in the world of decentralized finance, offering a unique opportunity for investors looking to contribute and benefit from innovative startups and promising business opportunities (PBOs). In this post, we’ll explore how you can become part of this vibrant and dynamic community by investing in Blockum DAO.

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Understanding the Essence of Blockum DAO – How to Invest in Blockum DAO?

At the heart of innovation and collaboration in the blockchain space, Blockum DAO stands out as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a clear mission: to drive the development and success of startups and Promising Business Opportunities (PBOs) through collaborative efforts and judicious investments. In a synergistic partnership with Gold Ofir, Blockum DAO adopts the FGOL token, a fostering tool designed to channel resources into these visionary ventures. This mechanism not only enables a conducive environment where investors can actively contribute to the exponential growth of the supported companies but also ensures an opportunity to share in the fruits of success achieved. Through this innovative structure, Blockum DAO redefines the investment paradigm, allowing the community to not only participate but also thrive alongside the initiatives it chooses to support.

Integrate into the Heart of Blockum DAO: Acquiring FGOL Tokens

Central to the dynamics and success of Blockum DAO, the FGOL token represents much more than a simple unit of exchange; it is the key to a rich and collaborative ecosystem. The acquisition of FGOL tokens is the first step for any investor wishing to immerse themselves in this innovative universe, acting not only as an investment vehicle but also as an access pass to a wide range of possibilities within the Blockum DAO community.

By owning FGOL, you not only solidify your position as an investor but also gain an active voice in the guidelines and future of the organization, through the right to vote on crucial decisions. More than that, you become eligible to share in the profits arising from the success of the startups and PBOs that Blockum DAO supports, establishing a virtuous cycle of growth and reward. Thus, FGOL tokens are more than mere assets; they are an invitation to actively participate in shaping the future of entrepreneurship and innovation, alongside an engaged and visionary community.

Transform and Empower Your Participation in Blockum DAO

Conversion and Allocation of Assets

After acquiring the valuable FGOL tokens, your next step is to transform your capital into an exact ratio of 50% WETH and 50% FGOL. This balance is crucial for engaging in the Blockum pool on SushiSwap, a cutting-edge decentralized exchange platform. By contributing liquidity to this pool, you are rewarded with LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens, symbolizing your contribution and active participation.

Allocation of LP Tokens in Blockum DAO

Armed with your LP tokens, the journey continues by allocating them in the Blockum DAO’s smart contract. This step not only cements your position within the community but also opens doors to receive a share of the profits generated by the startups and PBOs under the DAO’s wing. Furthermore, you are graced with the right to influence strategic decisions through voting, reinforcing your role in steering the community.

Active Engagement and Monitoring of Investments

Immersing yourself in Blockum DAO transcends mere asset allocation; it’s embracing an active stance in a community leading financial innovation. Stay informed about the progress of the supported startups and PBOs, exercise your right to vote in deliberations, and watch your investment grow in unison with the success of the ecosystem. Participating in Blockum DAO is contributing and witnessing the evolution of entrepreneurship and financial innovation, an investment not just in assets, but in the future of blockchain technology and collective prosperity.

Blockum DAO Territories

The Territories of the Blockum DAO Universe are an innovation in how community members are organized and rewarded, reflecting their levels of investment and involvement. These territories, physical representations in the Blockum DAO metaverse, offer corresponding benefits to their members, who can “claim” a territory by purchasing a specific NFT for that territory, acting as a “passport.”

The Realm of Solarius

The “Realm of Solarius” is the most prestigious territory, reserved for members who bring a passive digital equity of one million dollars or more. Known as Sovereigns of Solarius, these members are rewarded with exclusive benefits and privileges, including access to VIP events of Gold Ofir and Blockum DAO, and the possibility to participate in the Blockum DAO Council.

The Lands of Lunaria

“The Lands of Lunaria,” a silver reflection of Solarius, are intended for those with a passive digital equity of one hundred thousand dollars or more. The Luminaries of Lunaria enjoy benefits and privileges similar to the Sovereigns of Solarius, focusing on guiding the strategic direction of the DAO.

The Domain of Stellaris

For members who achieve a passive digital equity of ten thousand dollars, the “Domain of Stellaris” offers a starry field of opportunities. Known as Astronomers of Stellaris, these members are encouraged to explore the metaverse in search of new investment opportunities.

The Frontiers of Nebula

“The Frontiers of Nebula” serve as the gateway for new members, with an entry of one thousand dollars. The Navigators of Nebula are essential in welcoming new members into the community, helping to cultivate a culture of collaboration and mutual support.

Each territory not only organizes the community but also creates a sense of belonging and identity. Members are encouraged to identify with a specific territory, striving to be part of it. Participation in the first NFT distribution gives members the opportunity to shape the culture and identity of their respective territories, offering a sense of ownership and belonging.

TerritoryNumber of NFTsAllocated ValueMain Benefits
The Realm of Solarius5 (Pre-Distribution), 10 (Phase 1), 100 (Phase 2)$1,000,000Access to VIP events, possibility of participating in Blockum DAO Council, global recognition, prizes and more. Sovereigns of Solarius are leaders and visionaries.
The Lands of Lunaria10 (Pre-Distribution), 100 (Phase 1), 1000 (Phase 2)$100,000Benefits and privileges at events, recognition as strategists capable of guiding the direction of the DAO. Luminaries of Lunaria are the wise and advisors.
The Domain of Stellaris100 (Pre-Distribution), 1000 (Phase 1), 10000 (Phase 2)$10,000Participation in exclusive communities, opportunities to explore new investments. Astronomers of Stellaris are explorers and innovators.
The Frontiers of Nebula1000 (Pre-Distribution), 10000 (Phase 1), 100000 (Phase 2)$1,000Capability to welcome and guide new members, contributing to an inclusive and welcoming community. Navigators of Nebula are ambassadors and mentors of the community.
How to Invest in Blockum DAO?

To allocate yourself in Blockum DAO and become an active part of this innovative community, follow this detailed step-by-step guide:

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Step 1: Understand Blockum DAO and the FGOL Token

As you enter the universe of Blockum DAO, it is imperative to understand not only its structure and objectives as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) but also the crucial role played by the FGOL (Foment GOL) token within this vibrant ecosystem. The mission of Blockum DAO is clear: to promote and accelerate the growth of innovative startups and Promising Business Opportunities (PBOs), using a collective investment model that allows for broad and democratic participation of community members.

FGOL Token: The Boosting Currency
The FGOL token is more than just a digital asset; it is the backbone of Blockum DAO, facilitating and encouraging the fostering of projects with high potential for transformation and success. This unique token serves multiple functions within the ecosystem:

Investment Instrument: FGOL is used to allocate financial resources to the startups and PBOs selected by the community. This decentralized approach to investment allows for a fairer and more efficient distribution of capital, directing it where it can have the greatest impact.

Participation Mechanism: Owning FGOL tokens grants DAO members the right to actively participate in community decisions, from selecting projects to be funded to other strategic deliberations. This ensures that all actions of the DAO reflect the collective will of its participants.

Dividend Right: In addition to being a vehicle for investment and participation, FGOL also represents a share in the profits generated by the supported projects. This creates a reward system that directly benefits investors for the success of the initiatives they have helped finance.

Promoting Sustainable Growth
By incorporating the FGOL token into its architecture, Blockum DAO establishes a virtuous cycle of investment, innovation, and return. This model not only drives the development of new companies and technologies but also promotes a more inclusive, transparent, and equitable investment ecosystem. FGOL, therefore, is not just a unit of value, but a symbol of Blockum DAO’s commitment to creating a more prosperous and decentralized future for the world of business and technology.

Step 2: Acquire FGOL Tokens

To enter the innovative ecosystem of Blockum DAO and play an active role in the governance and funding of promising startups, acquiring FGOL tokens is the essential starting point. The acquisition process is straightforward but requires attention to detail to ensure a secure and successful transaction.

Steps to Acquire FGOL Tokens
Identify Exchanges: The first step is to locate the cryptocurrency exchange platforms that list the FGOL token. These can vary in terms of liquidity, transaction fees, and security. Conduct careful research to identify the most reliable and suitable exchanges for your needs.

Create an Account on the Exchange: After choosing the exchange, create an account by following the platform’s registration procedures. This usually involves identity verification (KYC) to comply with global financial regulations.

Deposit Funds: With an active account, you’ll need to deposit funds into the exchange. This can be done via bank transfer, credit/debit card, or by depositing another cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for FGOL.

Search for FGOL: On the exchange platform, use the search function to find the FGOL/WETH trading pair, or whichever pair is available. Be sure to check the liquidity of the trading pair to ensure that your order can be executed efficiently.

Place the Purchase Order: Decide whether you want to place a market order, which buys FGOL immediately at the current price, or a limit order, which specifies the price at which you’re willing to buy. Enter the amount of FGOL you wish to acquire and confirm the transaction.

Transfer FGOL to a Secure Wallet: After the purchase, it’s recommended to transfer your FGOL tokens to a cryptocurrency wallet of your choice, which offers full control over your private keys and robust security.

Ready to Participate: With the FGOL tokens in your wallet, you’re now ready to actively participate in Blockum DAO, contributing to the community’s governance and investing in innovative projects.

Step 3: Convert and Allocate Your Assets

To fully engage in Blockum DAO and begin actively influencing the growth of startups and promising business opportunities, converting and allocating your assets are crucial steps. These actions enable you to participate in the Blockum pool on SushiSwap, a renowned decentralized exchange platform, and are essential for ensuring your participation in the profits and governance of Blockum DAO. Here’s a detailed guide on how to carry out these steps:

Conversion of Assets to FGOL and WETH
Balance between FGOL and WETH: After acquiring the FGOL token, it is necessary to balance your portfolio so that you have an equal ratio of FGOL and WETH. This 50/50 split is crucial for participating in the Blockum liquidity pool on SushiSwap.

Use an Exchange Platform: To convert your assets to this ratio, you can use the same exchange where you acquired FGOL or any other platform that supports both FGOL and WETH. Convert part of your assets to obtain equal amounts of FGOL and WETH, considering the current market value of both.

Allocation in the Blockum Pool on SushiSwap
Access SushiSwap
: With your portfolio now balanced between FGOL and WETH, the next step is to visit SushiSwap. This is one of the most popular decentralized exchange platforms and supports the creation of liquidity pools by its users.

Provide Liquidity: On SushiSwap, look for the option to add liquidity and select the FGOL/WETH pair. Follow the instructions to deposit equal amounts of FGOL and WETH into the pool. This process is essential to ensure your participation and maximize your returns.

Receive LP Tokens: By providing liquidity to the Blockum pool, you will receive LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens in return. These tokens represent your share in the liquidity pool and are crucial for the next step of asset allocation in Blockum DAO.

Allocation of LP Tokens in Blockum DAO
Allocation in the Blockum DAO Smart Contract
: With the LP tokens in hand, the final step is to allocate them in the Blockum DAO smart contract. This process links your participation to the DAO’s ecosystem, allowing you to receive a share of the profits generated and participate in governance.

Active Participation: With your assets now properly allocated, you are prepared to actively participate in Blockum DAO, influencing the development of innovative startups and taking advantage of the promising investment opportunities that arise.

By following these steps, you not only contribute to the success of the Blockum DAO ecosystem but also position yourself to benefit directly from the growth and success of the initiatives you support.

Step 4: Provide Liquidity in the Blockum Pool

Providing liquidity in a cryptocurrency pool, such as the Blockum Pool on SushiSwap, is a strategic process that allows investors to contribute to the efficiency and depth of the market, while earning rewards for their participation. Here’s how you can provide liquidity and become a Liquidity Provider (LP) in this ecosystem:

Step-by-Step Guide to Providing Liquidity in the Blockum Pool
Prepare Assets: Ensure that you have an equal ratio of FGOL and WETH in your wallet, as discussed earlier. This step is crucial, as liquidity is provided to the pool in pairs of assets.

Access SushiSwap: Visit SushiSwap, a decentralized exchange platform that allows users to swap cryptocurrencies, provide liquidity, and earn rewards. Ensure that your cryptocurrency wallet is connected to the platform.

Locate the Blockum Pool: In the liquidity section of SushiSwap, search for the Blockum pool or the FGOL/WETH pair. If the pool already exists, you can simply add your liquidity to it. Otherwise, you may need to create the liquidity pair following the instructions on the platform.

Provide Assets to the Pool: Enter the amount of FGOL and WETH you wish to provide. The platform will automatically calculate the equivalent ratio of each asset based on the current market prices, ensuring that the contribution is 50/50 in value.

Confirm the Transaction: After entering the desired amounts of FGOL and WETH, review the transaction details, including network fees and SushiSwap fees, if applicable. Confirm the transaction in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Receive LP Tokens: Once the transaction is processed on the blockchain, you will receive LP tokens in your wallet. These tokens represent your share of participation in the liquidity pool and are the key to claiming your portion of the transaction fees generated by the pool, as well as other possible rewards.

Benefits of Being a Liquidity Provider
Transaction Fee Rewards
: As an LP, you are entitled to a portion of the transaction fees generated by the pool, proportional to your share in it.

Potential Appreciation: If the assets in the pool appreciate in value, your share in the pool may become more valuable over time.

Active Participation in the Ecosystem: Providing liquidity is a way to actively contribute to the health and efficiency of the market in Blockum DAO and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

Step 5: Allocate LP Tokens in Blockum DAO

Allocating LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens in Blockum DAO is a crucial step to activate your full and effective participation in the community, allowing you not only to influence important decisions but also to share in the profits of the supported projects. Here’s how you can allocate your LP tokens in Blockum DAO:

Steps to Allocate LP Tokens in Blockum DAO

Access the Official Blockum DAO Website
: The first step is to visit the official Blockum DAO website or use a compatible interface. Ensure that the site is legitimate to avoid any risk of phishing or fraud.

Connect Your Wallet: To interact with the Blockum DAO smart contract, you’ll need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the site. This is usually done through a “Connect Wallet” button on the platform. Common wallets such as MetaMask, WalletConnect, and others are generally supported.

Navigate to the LP Allocation Section: Once connected, locate the specific section for LP token allocation within the site or interface. This section will provide the options and instructions necessary to proceed with the allocation.

Select the LP Tokens for Allocation: Choose the LP tokens you wish to allocate to the Blockum DAO smart contract. You will be able to view the available balance of LP tokens in your wallet.

Confirm the Allocation: After selecting the amount of LP tokens you wish to allocate, confirm the transaction. You may need to approve the transaction in your wallet, which may include paying a transaction fee (gas fee) on the blockchain network.

Wait for Confirmation: After confirming the transaction in your wallet, the allocation of LP tokens to the Blockum DAO smart contract will be processed. This may take a few minutes, depending on the congestion of the network.

Verification of Participation: After the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, your allocation of LP tokens is active. You are now an effective member of Blockum DAO, with voting rights on community decisions and eligibility to receive a share of the profits from the supported projects.

Benefits of Allocating LP Tokens
Influence on Decisions
: As a holder of allocated LP tokens, you have an active voice in important decisions of Blockum DAO, from selecting projects to be funded to other strategic policies of the community.

Participation in Profits: Allocating LP tokens qualifies you to receive a share of the profits generated by the projects supported by Blockum DAO, providing a potential return on your investment.

Step 6: Actively Participate in the Community

After allocation, it is crucial to actively participate in the Blockum DAO community. This includes voting on important proposals, contributing ideas and discussions, and following the progress of projects supported by the DAO. Your participation not only helps steer the future of Blockum DAO but also enhances the potential return on your investment.

Step 7: Monitor Your Investment and Claim Rewards

Finally, it is important to monitor your investment and claim any rewards or profits distributed to DAO members. Blockum DAO is designed to be transparent and fair, with rewards distributed proportionally based on each member’s contribution.

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Airdrops Promotion
Airdrops are a marketing strategy used in the world of cryptocurrencies to distribute tokens or coins to users’ wallet addresses for free. Typically, this distribution is done to promote a new cryptocurrency, increase its user base, and stimulate its circulation within the blockchain ecosystem. Here are the main details on how airdrops work and why they are important:

How Airdrops Work
Eligibility Criteria
: To participate in an airdrop, users may need to meet certain criteria set by the organizers. This could include owning a specific amount of a particular cryptocurrency in their wallet, signing up in advance, or performing other actions such as following the cryptocurrency on social media or subscribing to a newsletter.

Automatic Distribution: Once the criteria are met, the new tokens are automatically distributed to the eligible users’ wallets. The amount of tokens received may depend on various factors, such as the amount of cryptocurrency that the user already holds.

Objectives of Airdrops: Airdrops generally aim to achieve wider distribution of tokens, create awareness about a new blockchain project, and encourage the use and trading of the new tokens. They can also serve to reward loyalty and engagement within an existing community.

Types of Airdrops

  • Standard Airdrops: Free tokens are sent to users’ wallets who meet pre-determined criteria.
  • Bounty Airdrops: Users perform specific tasks, such as social media promotion or contributions to the project, to receive tokens.
  • Exclusive Airdrops: Distribution of tokens to users who hold a specific other cryptocurrency, often related to the project conducting the airdrop.

Importance of Airdrops

  • Adoption and Circulation: Airdrops encourage the adoption of new cryptocurrencies and help increase their circulation, which is crucial for the health and success of a cryptocurrency project.
  • Marketing and Awareness: They serve as an effective marketing tool to generate buzz around a project, attracting new users and investors.
  • Community Reward: Airdrops can reward loyal and active users within a community, further encouraging engagement and loyalty.


While airdrops may seem like free and beneficial offerings, it is important to conduct due diligence before participating. Some precautions include:

Security: Be wary of scams. Never share your private keys or recovery phrases.
Legitimacy: Research the project conducting the airdrop to ensure its legitimacy and long-term potential.
Tax Implications: Be aware that, in some jurisdictions, receiving airdrops may have tax implications.

The journey through Blockum DAO, from acquiring FGOL tokens, through conversion and allocation of assets, to providing liquidity and allocating LP tokens, highlights an innovative and collaborative approach in the world of decentralized finance. Participating in Blockum DAO is not just a financial investment; it’s a commitment to the growth and success of startups and promising business opportunities, driven by the collective strength of its community.

The FGOL token, at the heart of this ecosystem, serves not only as a means of investment but also as a vehicle for active participation and community governance, reflecting the decentralized essence of Blockum DAO. By providing liquidity and allocating LP tokens, members not only contribute to market stability and efficiency but also position themselves to share in the profits generated by the supported projects, fostering a virtuous cycle of investment and reward.

Blockum DAO represents a bold vision for the future of finance and entrepreneurship, where innovation, collaboration, and shared governance are the keys to success. By engaging in this ecosystem, members not only have the opportunity to generate significant returns on their investments but also to actively participate in building a more inclusive, transparent, and prosperous future for the world of cryptocurrencies and beyond.

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